Fines and Penalties

Smoking in the carCHF 100
Transportation of any large-size equipment or bulky items which can damage the interior of body or exterior body panel of the vehicleCHF 1000
Transportation of pets without special containerCHF 100
Significant dirtying of the interior/exterior/child seatsCHF 250 + indemnity of the relevant expenses
Loss or damaging of a child safety seat indemnity of the expenses
Unauthorized turn off, damage or shifting of the GPS TrackerCHF 3000
Unauthorized application of stickers/removal of the sticker – logo, advertisements of the car owner companyCHF 100 + indemnity of the expenses
Failure to provide the documents or late provision of documentsCHF 500
Driving by a person under the influence of alcohol, drug, toxic or of any other substanceCHF 500
Being late for the car pick up for more than 1 hour in standard hoursCHF 100
Being late for the car pick up for more than 1 hour in non-standard hoursCHF 200
Being late for the car return for more than 1 hourpayment of the next rental day
Fine in the following cases: 
- third parties handover; 
- transportation a load or a number of passengers exceeding the instructions provided by the manufacturer of which you are aware of;
- use of the car for educational purposes, 
- use of the car for trials, competitions or car races, motor and cycling sport events, races, rallies, training tracks unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing;
- use of the car for commercial purposes (with prospective business advantage), as a taxi or as a mean to transport large dimensioned things;
- any sub-hire of the car;
- the provision of driving instruction, lessons and tests;
- off-road driving;
- transportation by river or sea;
- transportation of any flammable, explosive or radioactive substance (oils, mineral spirits, etc.) that may damage the Car or place its occupants and/or place the life and health of third parties and/or its occupants at risk;
- pushing or towing another vehicle;
- the car is being pushed or towed;
- use of the car by unauthorized drivers, unless additional drivers agreed with us; 
- use of the car by drivers not having the legally required driving license; 
- use of the car by drivers whose driving license is not valid; 
- use of the car by drivers whose driving license was revoked on the account of driving intoxicated (blood alcohol concentration above the level permitted by law), while in an otherwise unfit condition, grossly disregarding the speed limit during the last five years before the event; 
- use of the car to increase the Car damage risk in case of an unforeseen event; 
- use of the car for unlawful purposes, self-mutilation or commitment of suicide or attempts thereof; 
- use of the car with flat battery; 
- use of the car with defective tire; 
- use of the car with the aim of intentionally committing an offence; or violating the provisions of any traffic road laws of the country you are driving, including gross disregard of speed limit, in an unfit condition and driving carelessly;
- modifications of the car (for the better/for the worse)
CHF 1000 + cost of the damage
Loss or damaging of the car documentsCHF 100 + indemnity of the expenses
Loss or damaging of the Wi-Fi routerCHF 200
Leaving the car within any closed territory without access to take it back after rental periodCHF 100
Failure to provide information to the owner if the car has been evacuatedCHF 100
Failure to obtain by the car owner of all the necessary authorizations, documents (driving license etc.), which may be required while driving the car corresponding to category B or similar under the current laws of the countries.CHF 100
Travelling outside of the permitted countriesCHF 1000
Damage of wheel discsCHF 100 per each damage event (this applies to each scratch/chip/scratch on the tire, etc.)
Heavy damage of wheel discsCHF 400 per each damaged disc
Damage of side view mirrorsCHF 100 per each mirror